Neuvokas Makes Large Donation to Houghton Skatepark Project

Value of Donation Estimated at $6,500 Total

August 2, 2016

Ahmeek, Michigan—The Houghton Skatepark Project has received a large donation from the Neuvokas Corporation out of Ahmeek, MI. Neuvokas has agreed to a monetary donation of $1,000 as well as a discount on rebar at an estimated value of $5,500. The rebar will play a critical role during the construction phase of the project.

Neuvokas was founded in 2013 from a simple observation: advances in manufacturing and material sciences now allowed FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) rebar to be produced competitively with its steel counterpart. In just three years, their dedicated team of engineers and material scientists began producing high quality FRP rebar at prices competitive with steel. In addition to low cost, GatorBar boasts many other advantages over steel, including being lighter, having a higher tensile strength, being rust-free, corrosion resistant, non-conductive, longer-lasting, and environmentally friendly.

A group of local community leaders formed in mid-late 2015 with the common goal of helping construct a public concrete skatepark in Houghton. The group is formed of volunteers working in coordination with the city, local businesses, and organizations in the interest of providing a professionally-built, free-to-use, and universally appreciated asset to the community for decades to come. The group’s plan is to build a phase-centric park, with the first phase covering approximately 3200 square feet and costing $125,000. The City of Houghton has committed to donating a parcel of the East Houghton Waterfront Park for the skatepark.

Alex Aho, co-founder of the Houghton Skatepark Project, said, “Local material donations like these are a great example of community collaboration. The Keweenaw isn’t the wealthiest area, but our tight-knit community and hard work ethic push this project forward as if it was.”

Individuals looking to make donations to the Houghton Skatepark Project can do so online at All contributions to a permanent endowment of KCF qualify for a Federal Tax Credit.

For more information on the Houghton, MI Skatepark project, please contact or visit its website at

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