Houghton MI Skatepark exceeds its goal for MEDC matching grant

Houghton MI Skatepark has raised over $50,000 through the crowdfunding campaign to meet the $50,000 challenge match from MEDC. The Patronicity site can continue to accept donations until 11:45 p.m. on Friday, June 9 for people wanting to help build the skatepark in Houghton. But it is exciting and gratifying to know that with the generosity of the community the skatepark fund will receive the matching $50,000 from MEDC.

Alex Aho, who has been spearheading the effort to bring the skatepark to Houghton, stressed that fundraising will continue even after the end of this matching grant period. “This is a community space intended to be used for decades. An extra five, ten, or twenty thousand dollars now means the park will be five, ten, or twenty thousand dollars better for twenty years,” Aho said.

Now that there is the minimum amount needed to build the 1st Phase of the Houghton MI Skatepark project, the next steps will be to contract with a skatepark builder to finalize the design.

Donations to the crowdfunding campaign can be made at www.patronicity.com/houghtonmiskatepark . After June 9, donations can continue to be made through the Skatepark Fund at Keweenaw Community Foundation by visiting keweenawcommunityfoundation.org/funds/houghton-skatepark.

For more information on the local skate park project please visit the Houghton Skatepark facebook page or the website www.houghtonmiskatepark.org or watch the Houghton Skatepark pitch video.

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Contact: Alex Aho houghtonmiskatepark@gmail.com or Laura Smyth laura@k-c-f.org.


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