Funding Needed to Make Calumet Art Center ADA Accessible

Critical for Veterans as well as Adults and Youth with Special Needs

April 6, 2016

Calumet, Michigan—A project has kicked off to reconstruct the side entrance to the Calumet Art Center by a single level for barrier free access. The front entrance currently used has two levels of stairs making it difficult for those with limited ability to gain easy access. The entrances to the second floor performance hall also have two to three levels of very steep stairs. Construction to make the Calumet Art Center ADA (American Disabilities Act) accessible are costly. Plans and cost estimates for this project have been developed with UP Engineers and Architects with an estimated cost of $16,000.

The Calumet Art Center’s adult and youth enrichment program classes include specific classes for veterans as well as upcoming programming for adults and youth with special needs. As programming and attendance continues to grow, the accessibility to enter the Calumet Art Center has created a challenge for patrons with special needs that cannot navigate stairs.

The construction is scheduled to take place this spring and funds are needed to see through the completion of the construction and to finish the landscaping. The new pathway, ramp and entrance will be alongside the Heritage Rose Garden to welcome all patrons for the purpose of attending classes, mentoring, talking circles, drumming, youth programs and so much more.

Individuals looking to donate to the project can contribute to an endowment that has been started with the Keweenaw Community Foundation (KCF). Donations can be made online at

For more information on the Calumet Art Center Barrier Free Entrance project, please contact or visit

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