Calumet High School Drama Club receives Keweenaw Community Foundation grant to fund new Skills Development Program

$3,000 awarded for Acting On It: Skills Development through Theatre program

December 16, 2015

Calumet, Michigan—The Calumet High School Drama Club is pleased to announce it has received a $3,000 grant from the Keweenaw Community Foundation Youth Endowment Fund. These funds will support the Acting On It: Skills Development through Theatre program, which will provide students (grades 9-12) with opportunities for skills development and hands-on training in a variety of key areas required for achieving success in college, future careers, and life. Led by Drama Club Advisor Dave Heinz, the program focuses on developing skills that transcend theater and can be applied in all fields of study and a wide variety of career paths.

The Acting On It Program is a brand new program within the CHS Drama Club that will offer multiple avenues for students to grow by effectively combining dramatic performance, peer-to-peer mentoring, educational workshops, career resources, community involvement, introduction to higher education, technology skills development, and competition. Funding provided by the Keweenaw Community Foundation will be used to implement the first phase of the program which focuses on leadership and skills development.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have received the support of the Keweenaw Community Foundation,” said Dave Heinz, Drama Club Advisor and Program Manager. “This program is an excellent opportunity for students who might shy away from the stage to still experience all the benefits of participating in theater, and we are so thankful that the Youth Advisory Council saw the importance of it as well. This money will allow us to successfully get the program off the ground.”

The project was chosen for funding by Keweenaw Community Foundation’s Youth Advisory Council because it addressed an area of need highlighted by the Youth Needs Survey. Conducted in Fall 2014, the survey collected responses from students in grades 7-12 at local area schools. It found that depression, drug abuse, and harassment represented the greatest challenges to local youth. The survey also asked teens which youth programs would be beneficial to youth in the community. The majority of teens were interested in after-school activities, skill building classes, career development, leadership building, and health programs. The full survey results are posted on the Keweenaw Community Foundation website:

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