Portage Lake Little League

Character. Courage. Loyalty.

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The purpose of the Little League is to provide a positive and safe environment for kids to participate in friendly competition, develop athletic skills and build self-esteem while learning to play the game.


Portage Lake Little League is dedicated to the principles of teamwork, sportsmanship, friendship, leadership, and honesty. Another major component of the success of this program is for all players to have FUN. Yes, we should be building the love of the game and building long lasting memories. If the kids are having FUN, they will excel in their talent development.

All coaches, players and parents should strive to live by these principles both on and off of the field.


1) These are kids
2) This is a game
3) Coaches are volunteers
4) Umpires are human; and
5) Together we all make up Portage Lake Little League.


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