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“In reflection, what stands out for me is the commonality of our needs near the end of life. To be loved and cared for unconditionally, to have our pain and distressing symptoms managed and controlled by those experienced in these matters, to seek to more fully understand ourselves and to feel connected to those around us, to feel some purpose in our life and some meaning in our death, to love openly.”

– Raymond Weglarz, RN Founding board member

Millie's son and daughter in law 2015

Millie enjoys some music from her son Dennis and daughter in law Helen

The primary purpose of the Omega House Fund is to provide perpetual funding for the operations and programs of the Omega House organization chartered to provide a residential, home-like environment where terminally ill Houghton and Keweenaw county residents may live fully during their final days, free from pain and social isolation.

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Keweenaw Community Foundation has partnered with the Omega House to promote Advance Care Planning by providing and distributing ACP resource materials for the general public and health care providers in our area. Through this partnership, we have made the Five Wishes ACP forms available for our community at KCF and OH. Five Wishes is an easy to use, readily accessible, and legally-binding ACP form that takes into account your personal, emotional, and spiritual needs as well as your medical wishes—putting you firmly in control of your care. Improving the quality of life in our area also means improving the quality of end-of-life, and we could not be prouder of this initiative.

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Get your ducks in a row!

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