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The purpose of the KCF Youth Operations Fund is to have a source of income for our Youth Advisory Council Members to attend leadership development conferences and have the resources necessary to manage the operations of the council and the Kellogg Youth Fund.

YAC Conference 16

2016 State Youth Grantmakers Conference Attendees

Here are two testimonials from local 2016 State Youth Advisory Council Conference Attendees:

“I had never been to this conference before and I did not know what to expect, I really enjoyed how welcoming everyone had been. It felt like I had been to this conference a hundred times (which I would gladly do)! I felt like everyone was included throughout the entire weekend. Not only were my fellow Michigan YACers welcoming, but also the MCFYP committee. The MCFYP committee is a group of experienced YAC members that puts on the conference each year. Without them, this conference would not have happened! Overall an AWESOME group of people! I would highly recommend this to anyone involved in YAC, it really helps community wise, but also you have an opportunity to really connect with yourself in the best way!

While away at this conference I learned many big picture things while learning new things about myself.”

– Josie Ledgerwood, Senior at Houghton High School

 “I did not know what to think about the Youth Grantmakers Conference that I was going to attend. I thought that it would just be lectures all day, and I would not be interested. I was 100% wrong. I learned so much that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. I learned about public speaking, networking, grant making, needs assessment, and motivational values. The list could go on. Also, I was able to interact with many different YAC groups and get tips and ideas from them. I was able to network which benefited me and will allow me to be a more active community member. Overall, I think that all of our YAC members should attend this conference at least once during their lifetime. This two day conference will truly impact your life forever.”

– Bella Menzel-Smith, Junior at Houghton High School


2015 State Youth Advisory Council Conference Attendees

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