Isle Royale & Keweenaw Parks Association

Promoting Public Understanding, Appreciation, and Enjoyment of Two of the Country’s Most Unique National Parks

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“Grantable funds from interest earned on IRKPA’s KCF Endowment provide much-needed support for ongoing programs, such as printing of The Greenstone and Keweenaw Guide park newspapers and brochures for free distribution. Our 2015 funds are part of the required match for a Keweenaw Heritage Grant to publish a new geoheritage guide to Isle Royale and the Keweenaw Peninsula.” 

Kristine Bradof, Executive Director


For more than 75 years, people from around the U.S. and beyond have traveled to Isle Royale National Park to fish the cold waters of Lake Superior, backpack the wilderness trails, kayak or canoe the rocky shoreline or inland lakes, study the park’s wolves and moose, watch the northern lights, and soak in the quiet and solitude of the island.

The Isle Royale & Keweenaw Parks Association is a member-supported, nonprofit cooperating association that partners with the National Park Service to promote public understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of Isle Royale National Park and Keweenaw National Historical Park.


Isle Royale’s neighbor park, Keweenaw National Historical Park, joined the National Park System in October 1992. It celebrates the endeavors of immigrants from nations across Europe who came to the rugged Keweenaw Peninsula to mine its rich copper veins, log its majestic white pines, and eke out a living from its rocky soil.

The association publishes educational and interpretive books and park guides and brochures; funds research projects; supports the artists-in-residence program; organizes workshops and work programs; sponsors outreach activities to engage the public; partners with other organizations and communities; and provides direct financial aid to our two parks.


The 2015 season marks 57 years of service of the Ranger III. The Ranger is the largest piece of moving equipment owned and operated by the National Park Service and the largest ferry servicing Isle Royale National Park.

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