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“There is a pressing need in our community to increase opportunities for youth to engage in fun and constructive activities.  That is what Funding Youth Initiatives is all about; that is why we exist.”

– Bernadette Yeoman-Ouellette


Funding Youth Initiatives (FYI) helped fund the Houghton Skatepark project in 2016. The Houghton Skatepark project formed in mid-late 2015 to construct a public concrete skatepark in Houghton, Michigan. They are volunteers working in coordination with the city, local businesses, and organizations in the interest of providing a professionally built, free-to-use, and universally appreciated asset to the community for decades to come.

Rock Camp (DKC Productions)

FYI helped fund P.J. Olsson’s Rock Camp in 2015. Rock Camp is an intensive two-week music program that provides young musicians with real world and life changing experiences. Forty young musicians have an amazing opportunity to work closely with real life professional musicians, audio engineers and technical crew. The Rock Camp kids typically ages 11 – 19, learn and grow through talent discovery, musical development, creative collaboration, relentless rehearsals, production design, aggressive promotion and live performance. The Rock Camp concludes with an epic rock concert that thrills and delights an audience of nearly 1,000 fans


A grant of $1300 from FYI helped fund the Gift of Music’s work with Horizon’s Alternative high school students. The program offers music instruction to a student population that has no music instruction in the school curriculum. The students are offered instruction in guitar and music composition. The number of students participating in the program varies from session to session, with as many as 10 students taking part. Students were asked to complete surveys prior to beginning the program, including what they hoped to gain from participating. In addition to technical music skills, students also identified patience, self-confidence, self-worth, and a healthy alternative to drug/alcohol use as added benefits.

Back Camera

Grants from FYI helped fund art classes conducted by the Calumet Art Center’s Ed Gray at the B.R.I.D.G.E. Alternative High School in Hancock.

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