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Lending a Hand with Medical Crises

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“DDIY, thank you for your help. Our family does not qualify for the low income help that is available for people in their time of need with medical tragedy. Your organization was the only one that could help to offset travel expenses for my medical appointments. My husband and I both work and we did not plan to get sick. Thank you for helping relieve some of the financial struggles that our family is facing.”

– Anonymous


Don’t Do It Yourself (DDIY) serves as an emergency funding source for the people of Houghton and Keweenaw counties that are facing a financial hardship due to a medical crisis.

DDIY helps offset travel expenses for people that do not have travel reimbursement opportunities, helps where the greatest need might be for individuals that do not qualify for low income assistance, and networks and collaborates with other organizations.

DDIY has two funds at KCF:
The DDIY endowed fund is designed to help support its mission for good, forever.
The DDIY unendowed fund acts as an emergency fund for those in crisis.

Tax-free donations can be made to either fund.

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