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Promoting the Physical, Emotional, and Social Well-Being of our Communities

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“I trust Dial Help because I know you are confidential. You listen better than other places I have called.”

“Thank you, you’re one of the big reasons I’m still here.”

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All Dial Help Employees, Volunteers, and Interns must pass rigorous background checks before entering 60 hours of an accredited training and shadowing program, overseen by a licensed mental health professional who offers ongoing clinical supervision.

Dial Help’s mission is to promote the physical, emotional, and social well-being of our communities by providing problem assistance, crisis intervention, referrals, education and training.

Established in 1971, Dial Help is one of only a handful of independent crisis centers in the state and the only one located in Michigan’s 16,000 square mile Upper Peninsula. Today, Dial Help Community Support and Outreach Center is a licensed substance abuse prevention center providing Crisis Intervention, Counseling Services, Family Support Services, Victim Assistance Services, Specialized Behavioral Education, and Sexual Violence and Substance Abuse Prevention Services.

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Our philosophy is to “help people help themselves” by providing immediate, accessible, and affordable services to the communities we serve.

Dial Help relies heavily on donations from the public to offer many free and low cost services often to the most underprivileged residents of the Upper Peninsula. You can help. Please consider making a donation to Dial Help.


You are not alone. Help is available, the goal of our services is to help you reduce immediate stress and feel more empowered to make healthy decisions.

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