Copper Country Humane Society

The Greatest Gift You Can Give is the Gift of a Second Chance

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“I volunteer to give a voice to those that have none, to help offer a place of sanctuary and safety for animals that very often have known neither. To provide a haven from abuse and a destination for those searching for a friend to enrich their lives.”

– Tim Seppanen, CCHS Board Member

12. Pumpkin Beir Family

The Bier Family on the day they adopted Pumpkin. Little 2 year old Max did not know Pumpkin was a pitbull. He had no biases against the breed, all he knew is he loved her the minute he saw her in her kennel. And she loved him the minute they met.

The primary purpose of the Copper Country Humane Society Fund is to provide perpetual funding for CCHS’s primary mission—to operate a “no time limits” shelter for domestic (non-feral) dogs and cats from Keweenaw, Houghton, and Baraga Counties and the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community.

08. paige

“If there was anything I wish people could know about the shelter, it is that it is not a sad or bad place… What is sad is what could have happened to them.”

– Paige (CCHS caregiver)

The shelter receives animals from animal control and private citizens. CCHS works to return lost animals to their owners and to identify suitable homes for the remaining animals. These animals are not judged by “time of stay” to determine adoptability.

02. Marcus

“I enjoy working with the dogs and seeing them adjust (especially the difficult cases) and finding homes where they can live a long and fulfilling life.”

– Marcus (CCHS caregiver)

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