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Flexible Giving for Ever-Changing Community Needs

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Our Community Impact Fund is the most flexible vehicle for providing annual funding for a variety of community projects or programs dedicated to collaborative approaches designed to maintain or improve the quality of life in the greater Keweenaw area. Your gift can address ever-changing community needs—including future needs that often cannot be anticipated at the time your gift is made. We evaluate all aspects of community well-being—arts and culture, economic development, education, environment, health and human services, neighborhood revitalization, and more. The flexibility of your unrestricted gift enables your community foundation’s program experts to respond to the community’s most pressing needs, today and tomorrow.


Photo courtesy of Joe Kirkish

Decisions on which community needs to address will be made with input from the community and with recent community surveys taken into account. Here is a list of some of these surveys:

2012 Western Upper Peninsula Regional Health Assessment
2014 Keweenaw Community Foundation Youth Needs Survey
2015 Keweenaw Economic Development Strategic Plan
2015-19 Western Upper Peninsula Regional Prosperity Plan
2016-18 Copper Country Great Start Collaborative Strategic Plan



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