Camp 911

What these Campers are Learning Could Save a Life

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“This camp is put on by an incredible group of volunteers from our community and has evolved into an invaluable, multifaceted learning experience for our area youth. The lessons learned at this camp will benefit the campers, and their community, today and throughout their lifetime.”

– Ann Clancy-Klemme, RN, EMT-P, Event Organizer


The camp focuses on hands-on fun that will help the kids learn what to do if they’re the first one on the scene of an emergency.

Camp 911 is an annual two-day camp for fifth and sixth grade students. The event, open to children entering or leaving sixth grade in any Houghton or Keweenaw county school, teaches children the importance and logistics of emergency services.


The camp also focuses on how to avoid high-risk behaviors so that campers don’t become the person needing the help.

Campers can look forward to:

– Tour of EMS, police, fire rescue, and coast guard vehicles
– Injury Prevention: Traffic Safety/Rollover Convincer
– Extrication demo (Jaws of Life)
– Load-and-Go demo
– Bystander Care: 5 Steps for Saving Lives (skills demo)
– Bystander Care Training: Assessment, Airway, Rescue Breathing, CPR, Bleeding Control (skills practice)
– Injury Prevention: Home and Internet Safety
– Fire Safety: Smoke House
– Wilderness Survival
– Bystander Care: Skills Review
– Bystander Care: Scenarios (real victims)
– Rescue Relay


Do your kids know what to do in an emergency?

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